Your game, your turf, your rules…..

A few clients have been talking about public speaking over the last couple of days.The BAFTA’s and the fabulous awards and celebrations of the King’s Speech got me thinking……

There is a line in the movie, “my game, my turf, my rules” where Lionel, the speech therapist, is gently pushing at the boundaries of protocol when Albert comes to him for assistance with a speech impediment that has blighted him since childhood or perhaps because of his childhood.

An observation, as an executive coach, is that when we speak from the heart, our words, opinions and ideas are very often not only heard but also understood.When we say what we think we ought to say or should say, the sincerity and passion is somewhat diminished and therefore we may invariably give a mixed message or indeed the message won’t be heard at all.Why- when we speak from the heart about things we believe in – it may be the annual strategic plan or succession planning and growing talent- people will hear our voice because there will a real connection with the audience- be it 2 or 200 people.Speaking with ‘your game, your turf and your rules’ in mind will lead to that all important authenticity.


Use your words, if you have a speech-writer- make sure you attune it to your language- the words that ‘you’ would use

Boost your confidence a few moments prior to speaking by thinking about a time when you were at your most confident

Practice – if you don’t have a willing listener, practicing and going through it in your head is just as useful

Be succinct- know your main points to address – the forthcoming nominated potential Oscar winners have been told that if they win- they have 45 seconds speech time!

Answer questions directly, know your elevator pitch or company message or values that you can reinforce if need be

Remember ‘your game, your turf, your rules’ and if need be King Albert if that will help!