Why didn’t the wise men give Jesus Lego?

 a very young friend asked me recently, ‘I think he would have preferred it’. Whilst explaining some of the nativity story in a child-friendly way and with a modicum of composure, I couldn’t help but agree that perhaps a little child or many of us might indeed have preferred Lego. 

ImageJust a few weeks ago the world remembered the untimely death of John F Kennedy on November 22nd 1963. In JFK’s inaugural speech he talked not of what the American government could give its citizens but about what its citizens could give America. 

 And in the losing of the great man Mandela we are bereft of someone whose whole life was arguably about giving.  Standing up for what was right, standing up for people who either couldn’t or were fearful to stand up for themselves.

 He embraced people and all that is wonderful about the human race, despite fighting some of the most despicable and horrifying elements of human nature. 

 At this time of year when it is all too easy to get caught up in a melee’ of festive activities and sprouts – perhaps we would all do well to ponder the true act of giving, maybe even in the way that Mandela did. Not so much the gifts, as the words and the gestures, the little acts that can make a huge difference to someone else. Those actions that come from who and what is in our hearts. 


 As throughout the year, the season is tinged with sadness and tragedy however finding a smile on a dark day can be momentous for both you and the person finding it.

 Just yesterday I saw someone hurtling along Kings Cross Station with a teddy that had fallen from a pushchair, the child’s face on being reunited was magical. 

 As Churchill said “ we make a living out of what we get, we make a lifetime by what we give”.

 Have a wonderful festive season and a fun, successful and happy 2014.  And if Lego is on your list, here’s hoping.   

 Look forward to seeing you in the New Year.