How far ahead is your focus?

A friend of mine is learning to fly a glider and last week he did a perfect landing! I overheard him telling a friend about it.

The instructor said, decide where you are going to land and then utterly keep focus on that spot BUT when you are about 10ft from the ground, your focus MUST be at the far, far end of the runway. That way you get a smooth ride and a great (and safe) landing. Hmm….

In an equally nosy manner, I heard some-one speaking on a packed commuter train to London from Cambridge the other day about the doom and gloom (Chicken Licken eat your heart out!) in the market, the desperate situation in the financial sector and that there really was no option but to hope for the best and sit tight! Now, it is a fact that there is uncertainty in the market, the economic outlook is less than rosy, points are dropping of the NASDAQ and the FTSE, left, right and centre; however if we believe that we are in a difficult spot with no means of navigating out, that there is no way of, or that we can’t take action to make a difference, well that’s exactly where we are – in a tight spot without any means of getting out! That’s right for sure!

A great friend reminded me of the oft quoted Henry Ford’s ‘Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” How true – in which case – for the man on the train in the pit of doom and gloom and the people fuelling his woes – better get sight of that goal again PDQ!!

Recently, I heard Richard Branson speak and he argued that business is not about “balance sheets, money, profits and loss” but “to create something that you’re really proud of, something that the people who work for you can be really proud of”. OK, so in this market (any market in fact) it would be rather foolish to not care for the financials, cash flow (is king!) and P&L however, having that truly motivated and therefore creative and innovative workforce, can make the most powerful of differences in terms of market share, reputation, and ultimately profits.

I was very privileged to work with the most fantastic group of people (you know who you are!) last week who achieved and set plans afoot which were extraordinary and more importantly, I’ve no doubt will be successful. With the right focus, strategy, and dare I say passion and enthusiasm, anything and everything is possible.

So, to recall Henry Ford, don’t lose sight of that goal, the obstacle of recession, trouble in the markets and economy have been with us before and will be again.

And whilst we can’t help you land a glider perfectly (though I know a man who can) if you or your organisation would like some assistance with the landing spot and a smoother ride ahead, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Enjoy the summer!