Kate Toj. Pali Rao Aug 06Having built up a string of prestigious FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 clients over the last 15 years, Kate Tojeiro has worked as an executive coach and facilitator with the boards, senior leaders and teams of some of the world’s largest organisations and also some of the most cutting edge, organically-grown start ups. A regular fixture on BBC radio and a respected voice across the media, Kate works with leaders, teams and the next generation of rising stars in harnessing talent and building credibility; an intuitive process that lets people and businesses ‘be themselves’ by giving them the framework and the foundation to encourage authenticity and foster the innate confidence needed to simply get ‘out there’ and get things done. From one on one coaching sessions and invaluable time spent with leaders in action, through to facilitating board meetings, designing bespoke workshops and working with teams throughout the organisation, there simply cannot be a single, standard approach. The fundamentals remain the same but the delivery is always very different. After all, the shaping of effective leadership is not a science. It’s an art.


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