The Power of Passion

People are willing to go a long way for things they are passionate about and some things out there do produce irrepressible passion; sport, business, fashion, something that’s got your blood up, so to speak, the sheer joy of a sunny day or a smile from a loved one (or indeed a stranger). 
However, is that passion always allowed to come out? 

I had a fascinating conversation with a friend about values, personal values that we sometimes sideline in favour of doing the supposed ‘right thing’ which may be because of other commitments in our lives, families, friends, financial pressures and so on.  We then went on to talk about spirituality in business, yes really…. how some businesses base their whole culture and ethos around spiritual values.
USA Today cites that 6 out of 10 employees believe that people would benefit from working in an environment that has a greater sense of spirit.  For some, this means honesty, integrity and good quality work. For others it’s treating co-workers and customers in a responsible and caring way.  For others it may ‘just’ be being a bit more kind to other people, whether they’ve metaphorically rubbed you up the wrong way or not.  Now this isn’t 6 out of 10 enjoying that environment it’s 6 out of 10 knowing (instinctively perhaps) that it would make a difference.
The renowned Saatchi ‘lovemarks’ were born from the question “What makes some brands inspirational, while others struggle?”
“Lovemarks” are essentially brilliant stories about people and about products and about services of excellence, of inspiration, of extraordinary emotional connections. They embrace the passion of your heart and your mind and inspire loyalty beyond reason.  In fact they go so far as to say, take away a brand and people will find another, take away a ‘lovemark’ and people will protest its absence. 
I had the joy of listening to the phenomenal songwriter Nile Rodgers (We are family; Sister Sledge, Get Lucky; Daft Punk) talking in an interview about his life, music and brush with cancer.  He talked of the ‘getting your affairs in order’ conversation that kept happening with doctors.  To him, getting his affairs in order meant getting out there in concert and playing his music, how great for all of us.
He also talked of the day he was in the urinals at a club with two very tall transvestites either side of him and how he ran outside to his friend and said I need to write a song called “I’m coming out’. Many sternly warned Diana Ross that if she sang that song her career would finish in an instant!  It continues to be one of her best sellers.
When we stand for what we are truly passionate about the results speak for themselves, others see the passion, we excel and generally succeed, overcoming the hurdles thrown in our way.  We all have a passion for something though I concede for some it may require a little searching.
Have you allowed your passion to come out? 

Kate is an executive coach to some of the world’s most successful leaders in some of the world’s largest and smallest companies.  You can contact her at